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            In 2000, Yubei introduced the management system from Koyo, Japan. It began to push the U production line construction and standard operation. During the process of improving the lean manufacture, Yubei carried out TPM in March 2006 and the TPS in April 2007.

            TPM include seven phases and we implement the TPM from begin with the “Zero Phase”--5S. We made the “Visual Management Manual” to improve the visual extent on site and emphasized the total employee involvement. Yubei’s TPM has entered the third phase from March 2006 till now.

            TPS refers to the Toyota Production System. It minimizes the waste and meets the higher QCD requirements; it pushes the standard operation to improve the U line production on site; it improves the logistics and reduces the cost; it increases the capacity with 30% and helps Yubei’s management approach to lean manufacture requirements.

            TPM/TPS inspired the innovation ability of employee and trained many management personnel who have the lean thought.

            Yubei obtained the approval of GM, Chrysler, and Nissan all profit from the TPM/TPS practice. Lean manufacture will be pushed for a long period in Yubei and we believe it will help the personnel growth and benefit our corporation development.